LEDs for laboratory/research and industrial datacomms applications

22-05-2023 | OMC | Industrial

OMC has designed LEDs for coupling visible wavelengths across the complete visible light spectrum into either 1mm core size polymer optical fibre or 200 microns or larger glass optical fibre. Its expertise in designing and manufacturing fibre optic components for over 30 years has placed the company as an expert in fibre optic technology, and this latest product is excellent for use as wide-ranging as laboratory equipment for research purposes, test and measurement instrumentation, and data communications in industrial, medical and many other applications.

Originally the company's visible wavelength LEDs in fibre optic housings were created as a custom product for a research application which needed wavelength-specific light sources to cover the complete visible light spectrum and illuminate laboratory samples. Now provided as a standard product, any of its visible wavelength LEDs can be coupled into any of its standard housings, such as the H19 or its Keyed SMA (KSMA) system, delivering the rotational consistency of a keyed connector together with the security and reliability of an SMA connector – and standard FSMA or ST housings. Its exceptionally robust, ultra-long-life LED emitters are provided in a vast range of wavelengths, including 470nm blue, 525nm green, 567nm green, 590nm yellow, 635nm red, 660nm red and custom wavelengths to suit customer needs.