High-CV MLCCs for high-reliability defence applications

19-05-2023 | Kyocera | Passives

Kyocera AVX is approved by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for its Mil Prf 32535 BME NPO MLCC-qualified technology. Employing its leading-edge technology, the company now offers Mil Prf 32535 NPO-approved capacitors in 0402,0603,0805 case sizes with capacitance and voltage ranges ranging from 68pF to 1500pF, 10–100V.

The device fulfils the designer's demands by raising the CV range in comparison to the standard surface mount Mil ranges and lowers the gap between commercial and Mil-Spec product ranges while satisfying the Mil reliability levels.

This technology provides several key benefits for the Mil design engineer providing the ability to downsize case sizes, decreasing PCB weight and enabling more efficient usage of the PCB area available with the higher CV MLCCs. These surface mount components also include Flexiterm, which significantly enhances resistance to any of the thermo-mechanical stress encountered by MLCCs throughout PCB assembly and its lifetime.

Typical areas of use include science exploration satellites, earth exploration satellites, communication satellites, satellite launchers, and defence, land, or air-based applications.