Family of radiation-tolerant gigabit Ethernet PHYs extended

26-05-2023 | Microchip Technology | Semiconductors

Streamlining the implementation of Ethernet for aerospace and defence customers, Microchip Technology has reported that it has extended its radiation-tolerant (RT) Ethernet PHY devices with the new VSC8574RT PHY. The device supports the SGMII and QSGMII to lower the overall signal pins in the design and free up the host device.

Space applications perform in environments that need enhanced radiation technology to resist extreme temperatures and electromagnetic events, and these events degrade space-based systems and disrupt operations. The device builds on the company's extensive COTS-based device, enabling customers to develop applications utilising the COTS version and substitute an RT device for the final mission.

Compatible with copper and fibre interfaces, the device makes new application use cases feasible. Although copper is mainly employed in today's design, the fibre interface is the wave of the future in space applications, as the industry demands data rates exceed 1Gb.

The device has a quad port to support 10, 100 and 1000BASE-T Ethernet connections for optimal speed and reach, depending on the device needs. The high-reliability PHY boasts advanced features, such as SyncE and IEEE® 1588v2 PTP, for network timing and synchronisation in highly precise applications.

"The VSC8574RT PHY with advanced timing features provides our customers with a connectivity solution for deterministic real-time applications," said Bob Vampola, vice president of Microchip's aerospace and defence business unit. "Ethernet solutions are in high demand for space applications, and our COTS-to-RT devices offer increased capabilities with multiport, SGMII and fibre interfaces."

The specifications include single event latch-up immunity above 78MeV.cm²/mg and total ionising dose tested up to 100krad. This versatile solution caters to various applications from LEO to deep space.

The company's family of COTS-based Gigabit Ethernet PHY devices now includes the new VSC8574RT, VSC8541RT and VSC8540RT.

The VSC8574RT is supported by the VSC8574-EV Evaluation Board, which allows the user to evaluate the device in numerous configurations and provides various other features.


By Seb Springall

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