Ultra-small SMD watch crystal is now available

14-04-2023 | Sunstu Electronics | Passives

Suntsu Electronics is dedicated to saving time and money for customers by assisting them to create what's next. They have now introduced the ultra-small package size 32.768kHz SMD watch crystals. Part of the SWS102 series, these crystals are very compact and provide the same functionality and reliability as their larger counterparts.

This ultra-small watch crystal is only 1.2mm × 1mm × 0.5mm, making it the excellent crystal to satisfy the ever-shrinking needs of the electronics industry, such as phones, wearable devices, fitness trackers, and other IoT products. The company utilises photolithography, microfabrication, and metal diffusion technologies to manufacture these crystals, allowing them to create smaller packages with high-precision performance. With these innovative methods, they can create ultra-small SMD packages that supply the same high level of performance expected from the company's products.

This series of crystals can be utilised in smaller products, delivering the power and abilities of larger crystals while simultaneously decreasing the electrical current power consumption.

This package has a temperature range of -40C to around 85C, making them excellent for industrial demands.

Typical application areas include industrial technology, telecom products, smartphones, wearable devices like smartwatches, additional IoT products like smart locks or smart refrigerators, RTC devices, and ultra-low-power microcontrollers.


By Seb Springall