SiC solutions for energy infrastructure and industrial drive applications

12-04-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Mouser now stocks the EliteSiC SiC) family of solutions from onsemi. This portfolio includes diodes, MOSFETs, IGBT and SiC diode PIMs, and AEC-Q100-qualified devices. These devices are optimised to deliver reliable, high-efficiency performance for energy infrastructure and industrial drive applications.

Renewable energy and high-power industrial applications demand a high breakdown voltage, as the 1700V NTH4L028N170M1 EliteSiC MOSFET provides. The device provides a maximum gate-to-source voltage range of -15V to +25V, making it ideal for fast switching applications where gate voltages are growing to -10V, providing improved system reliability. The 1700V EliteSiC MOSFET attains a market-leading gate charge (Qg) of 200nC at a test condition of 1200V at 40A. This low Qg allows the device to reach high efficiency in fast switching, high-power renewable energy applications.

With a BV rating of 1700V, the NDSH25170A and NDSH10170A EliteSiC Schottky diodes deliver an improved margin between the maximum reverse voltage and the peak repetitive reverse voltage of the diode. These devices also enable designers to accomplish stable high-voltage operation at elevated temperatures while delivering high efficiency enabled by SiC.

Whether it is an EV charging station, a power grid using renewable energy or high-voltage/high-current industrial drive applications, these solutions supply best-in-class efficiency with decreased power losses.