New portable tablet holder brings safety to the factory floor

26-04-2023 | Switches Unlimited | Industrial

IDEC has released the HT4P Safety Commander Industrial Tablet Holder to adapt commercial tablets to industrial conditions, available now from Switches Unlimited. With an ergonomic design that allows users to hold and protect an HMI tablet securely, it also offers networking, power, hardwired emergency stop (e-stop) and other operator interface devices.

With the device’s hand (or shoulder) strap, rugged construction with drop resistance of 1.2m, IP54-rated protection and a waterproof one-touch connector, it is excellent for industrial environments. A single hand-held Safety Commander device can be safely carried and employed in multiple locations on a production line, and could lower the number of fixed control panels, therefore, saving cost and space.

The device offers wired LAN connections and mechanical switches. OEMs and automation designers can now supply flexible and safety-rated operator interface options for equipment, robotics, collaborative robots, AGVs, autonomous mobile robots, and other manufacturing system applications through the company.

By Seb Springall