Planar transformers engineered for smaller space DC-DC conversion designs

14-03-2023 | Bourns | Power

Bourns, Inc has released its Model PLN0xx-ED21 Series Planar Transformers with the advanced features required to satisfy today's high frequency, smaller space power conversion application demands. These forward converter transformers are developed to provide exceptional high volumetric power density, low loss and excellent efficiency in a compact, low-height profile design. The transformers also are created for greater reliability due to enhanced thermal conduction and heat dissipation properties.

The advent of planar-style transformer components improves design flexibility and delivers efficiency and power density advantages over traditional wirewound transformer designs due to greatly reduced AC resistance losses. Providing from 48W up to 70W of output power in applications with input voltages ranging from 33VDC to 57VDC and a switching frequency of 250kHz, the transformers have low leakage inductance from 0.29μH to 0.6μH and a volt-second time of 81.6 (V-µsec). The series offers 33V to 57V input voltage, 5V to 12V output voltage at 4A to 14A output with varied turns ratios. These features and compact design make these transformers outstanding power conversion solutions for high-density industrial power systems, low-profile SMPS, LED lighting applications, BMS, PoE applications, and many other forward transformer applications.

These new planar transformers use standard PWB material for the transformer windings, soldered to an SMT header to produce a simple-to-use, surface mount component that assists easy assembly. Also, the company's custom magnetics product engineers can support many modification and customisation requests for this planar transformer series. This series of planar transformers are available now and are RoHS compliant.

By Seb Springall