Patented firmware technology for 5G networking and AI smart city opportunities

03-03-2023 | Innodisk | Semiconductors

To assist customers in overcoming the challenges of storing and accessing data in harsh industrial environments, Innodisk has released the most comprehensive line of industrial-grade storage solutions. In response to the high-strength reading and writing needs generated by IoT devices and AI edge computing, the company offers the new-generation patented iSLC technology with its exclusive firmware technology breakthrough. Combining the BiCS5 112-layer TLC 3D NAND Flash, the new technology improves the industrial storage performance and provides the industry-highest 100K P/E cycles. Compared to traditional TLC 3D NAND Flash, this increases the lifespan by 33 times.

Also, seeing that many 5G networking, 5G infrastructure, and smart city applications are executed under harsh outdoor conditions or in 24/7 environments, such as smart e-payment based on AI vision inspection and ANPR, the company employs its hardware-software integration capability to embed the firmware technologies with the series. With its exclusive iData Guard and iPower Guard firmware, the data transition can be conducted under unstable environments and be protected to attain optimal stability and experience for the business opportunities of 5G networking, smart city, and AIoT applications.

The series supports SATA and PCIe interfaces and offers different specifications of sizes and standard and industrial wide-range temperature models.


By Seb Springall

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