IGBT switch platform offers leading performance for industrial markets

28-03-2023 | onsemi | Power

onsemi offers a new range of ultra-efficient 1200V IGBTs that minimise conduction and switching losses at an industry-leading performance level. Aiming to enhance efficiency in fast switching applications, the new devices will primarily be used in energy infrastructure applications like solar inverters, UPS, energy storage and EV charging power conversion.

The new IGBTs boost input to high voltage (Boost stage) and the inverter to supply an AC output in high switching frequency energy infrastructure applications. The low switching losses of FS7 devices allow higher switching frequencies that decrease the size of magnetic components, improving power density and lowering system cost. For high-power energy infrastructure applications, the positive temperature coefficient of the devices facilitates easy parallel operation.

“As efficiency is extremely critical in all high switching frequency energy infrastructure applications, we focused on reducing turn-off switching losses and providing the best switching performance in this new range of IGBTs,” said Asif Jakwani, senior vice president and general manager of the Advanced Power Division, which is part of the Power Solutions Group at onsemi. “This industry-leading performance allows designers to meet their most challenging efficiency requirements in very demanding high power energy infrastructure applications.”

The devices incorporate high-speed (S-series) and medium-speed (R-Series) options. All devices have an optimised diode for low VF, tuned switching softness and can work with junction temperatures (TJ) up to 175C. The S-Series devices, like FGY75T120SWD, provide the best switching performance among currently available 1200V IGBTs. Tested with currents up to seven times the rated value, this highly rugged IGBT platform also provides best-in-class latch-up immunity. The R-Series is optimised for medium-speed switching applications, such as motor control and solid-state relay in which conduction losses are dominant occurs. FGY100T120RWD displays a VCESAT as low as 1.45V at 100A, an improvement of 0.4V over earlier-generation devices.

The devices are supplied in various package styles, including TO247-3L, TO247-4L, Power TO247-3L and as bare die, providing designers flexibility and design options.


By Seb Springall

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