Smart printer designed for everything needing to be labelled on switchboards

03-02-2023 | Conrad Electronic | Industrial

WAGO's new Smart Printer, available now from Conrad Electronic, is provided with a wide range of hardware and software that allow the printing of tailored labels. The device employs thermal transfer technology.

This printer makes the labelling process extremely efficient and generates quality output. The product is affordable, simple to set up, and prints 300dpi stickers that are smudge- and scratch-proof and, therefore, last forever. Putting cable and wire markers, terminal identifiers, device ID badges and other label types in place is easy and does not take up much time at all.

"Whatever needs to be labelled, the Smart Printer does it," explains Manuel Gschwend, product manager at Conrad Electronic. "This makes switchgear identifiable at a glance and keeps things consistent across the board."

The printer can be operated through a serial interface and USB and Ethernet. The device is supplied with smartSCRIPT software that is simple to set up. For instance, smartSCRIPT enables importing label content from Excel and CAE tools.

Printing labels directly in CAE is another way to save time. Thanks to EPLAN connectivity, the product prints electrical terminal identifiers, wire markers and other switchgear labels designed using the CAE tool.

Furthermore, users can generate label content employing the company's Smart Designer configuration software and forward it to the printer afterwards. For instance, terminal labels only require a couple of mouse clicks. There is also the new Printing Assistant feature that speeds up the process.

The device includes a power supply unit, a USB cable, a thermal transfer endless label roll and a set of WMB Inline badges, two rollers, a roller mount, an ink ribbon and the smartSCRIPT labelling software, and the required driver.


By Seb Springall

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