New antennas cover a wide range of frequencies

03-02-2023 | Fairview | Passives

Fairview Microwave now offers a new series of in-stock waveguide horn antennas for meeting a broad variety of wireless applications.

The new line of waveguide horn antennas provides high gain from 10dBi to 20dBi for transmitting greater power to receivers and beam-width options from 11 to 55.2.

Engineered with a low VSWR of less than 1.3 and wide frequency coverage from 1.7GHz to 40GHz, these antennas display highly efficient RF power transmission. Extra features and options incorporate various flange designations together with rugged designs constructed from high-grade aluminium with corrosion-resistant powder coating.

“Fairview’s new offering of waveguide horn antennas ensures precise directivity and high gain and covers a wide range of frequencies. They are perfectly suited for a variety of applications involving microwave links and communications and as reference antennas,” said Kevin Hietpas, antenna product manager.

By Seb Springall