Eight-channel high and low-side switches for driving loads in industrial applications

10-02-2023 | Toshiba Electronics | Industrial

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has released two intelligent power products to control the driving of resistive and inductive loads, comprising motors, solenoids, and lamps in applications such as programmable logic controllers within industrial equipment.

The new power switch products include eight channels and are high-side (TPD2015FN), and low-side (TPD2017FN) switches. These devices benefit from the company's latest analog device process (BiCD), combining bipolar, CMOS, and DMOS technologies.

Both products are housed in the small 0.65mm pitch SSOP30 package that measures only 9.7mm × 7.6mm ×1.2mm. This provides a reduction of approximately 29% in mounting area and 20% in height over the SSOP24 package (13mm × 8mm × 1.5mm) employed for current products including the TPD2005F and TPD2007F, thereby decreasing the size of designs.

Regarding the electrical performance, both devices' on-resistance (RDS(ON)) is 0.4-Ohm – more than 50% less than that of Toshiba's current products, significantly enhancing operating efficiency and thermal performance. The rugged power switches can operate at temperatures (Topr) from -40C to +110C with a junction temperature (Tj) as high as +150C, ensuring their suitability for challenging industrial environments.

In addition, these products have built-in over current and over temperature protection circuits, ensuring the reliability of the equipment they are used in.


By Seb Springall

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