Economical handheld spectrum analyser for general-purpose RF testing

13-02-2023 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Company offers the Field Master MS2070A handheld spectrum analysers that supply the performance and field-proven durable platform of the company's Field Master family at an economical price. Supplying required features and performance up to 3GHz, the analyser conducts reliable and accurate RF measurements in various general-purpose field, lab, and manufacturing environments.

With a dynamic range of >105dB at 2.4GHz, typical DANL with a built-in optional preamplifier of -167dBm, coupled with a Third Order Intercept (TOI) of +11dBm and typical level accuracy of ±0.5dB enables a full range of signals to be analysed by the handheld spectrum analyser.

The instrument is designed for standard swept spectrum analysis up to 3GHz, and it features sweep speeds of up to 32GHz/s in common low-noise configurations. Many 'smart' measurements, including occupied bandwidth, channel power, and adjacent channel power, are standard in the instrument.

The instrument provides many capabilities often found in higher-priced instruments. A zero span displays TDD and pulsed signals with a narrow resolution bandwidth of 10Hz to 5MHz for accurate power measurements over time. Spectrograms are also standard for accurate detection of intermittent interferers.

A ruggedised battery-powered instrument, the instrument has IP52 environmental protection when contained in the supplied soft carry case. A 5W RF input damage level protects the instrument from accidental overpower.

The handheld spectrum analyser also offers a durable IK08-rated 10" display with 1280x800 resolution that displays measurement results in large and clear formats. Common functions are always accessible, and side menus collapse to maximise graphical results. It measures 290mm x 212mm x 96mm and weighs 3.8kg.

Ethernet and USBTMC interfaces are standard on the Field Master MS2070A. A Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/a/n interface can connect to wireless routers for common applications, including downloading digital maps and automatic software updates.

The instrument can be used for a variety of field applications. It can conduct basic transmitter testing, as well as interference hunting. Cellular network operators can also configure it with a PIM stick for PIM hunting. The instrument can be used for standard RF measurements in lab and manufacturing environments in which portability and space are at a premium.


By Seb Springall