Advanced HMI enclosures for machine control equipment

09-02-2023 | Rolec Enclosures | Industrial

ROLEC’s advanced HMI enclosures now incorporate multiPANEL, profiPANEL and profiPANEL STANDARD – providing industrial electronics designers more choices.

Elegant multiPANEL is ideal for small-volume applications needing advanced functionality and cutting-edge aesthetics. Versatile profiPANEL is suitable for higher-volume applications, particularly machine building.

These models allow nearly borderless, flush-fit front plate or glass installation. They are manufactured from aluminium profiles, allowing the specification of custom sizes from 150mm x 150mm to 800mm x 800mm.

Smart and modern multiPANEL (IP 65) is offered in depths of 70mm and 85mm, each in three variants providing either a bolted rear wall, a hinged and bolted rear door, or a hinged and lockable rear door. The front plate is connected permanently to the main body. Features include decorative stainless-steel inlays. The main case and rear wall/doors are black (RAL 9005).

Anodised silver profiPANEL (IP 65) enclosures provide greater depth capacity (eight depths from 60mm to 300mm). There is one option for the rear: a hinged, lockable door. A 200mm high keyboard desk unit (60mm or 90mm deep) is also offered as standard. The main case and desk unit offer light grey plastic corner trims.

A more economical option is the 90mm deep profiPANEL STANDARD (IP 65) – offered in four standard plan sizes from 400mm x 400mm to 600mm x 520mm for 10” to 21” screens. Always-in-stock components allow shorter delivery times.

Accessories for multiPANEL include keyboard and mouse trays, handles and wall connectors. For profiPANEL – as above but also with a mounting bracket set and traffic red (RAL 3020), traffic blue (RAL 5017) or jet black (RAL 9005) corner covers. For profiPANEL STANDARD: wall connectors, handles, mounting bracket set, and the red, blue or black corner covers.

The company recommends mounting the enclosures on its profiPLUS 50 or taraSMART suspension arms. It can provide the enclosures and arms fully customised. Services include CNC machining, custom colours, engraving, laser processing, printing, and assembly/installation of accessories.


By Seb Springall

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