Accelerometer's differential output provides common mode noise rejection

15-02-2023 | PCB Piezotronics | Test & Measurement

PCB Piezotronics (PCB) is releasing a new Model 356A19, a Low-Outgassing ICP triaxial accelerometer developed to make accurate high-frequency measurements to 13kHz (±5%). It is the latest addition to the family of miniature triaxial accelerometers in a 0.4" (10.2mm) cubicle package.

The TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet), which complies with IEEE 1451.4, is found within the sensor and includes data such as the serial number, sensitivity, and the last calibration date.

The small size and wide frequency range make the model excellent for modal and structural analysis, automotive ICE and EV powertrain development, vehicle systems NVH, vibration testing in thermal vacuum environments, ESS and HALT/HASS testing of satellites, and vibration testing in confined spaces or on small, lightweight objects.

The device provides a hermetically sealed, 0.40" (10.2mm) cubical housing with 5' (1.5m) integral cable to a 4-pin ¼-28 pin connector. A 5' mating extension cable to BNC Plug termination is a supplied accessory. A version without an extension cable, Model 356A19/NC, is also available.