Robust and retrofittable security for IoT devices

24-01-2023 | Rutronik | IoT/IIot

With the PU-50n iShield HSM series, Swissbit provides a reliable solution for storing security keys for authentication, identification, and registration of devices in the IoT. This solution is available now from Rutronik. The retrofittable plug-and-play USB hardware security module closes security gaps that can surface with software-based storage of cryptographic keys. Manufacturers of connected devices, including gateways or controllers and system integrators for building and industrial automation, benefit from the 'Made in Germany' security, the opportunity to readily upgrade and update the security feature at any time and with no complications.

The solution stores the device's private key and certificate so securely that they cannot be disclosed or duplicated in software. The compact, tough, high-quality USB key supports PKCS#11 and PKCS#15 public-key cryptography standards and is compatible with an open-source software stack, such as OpenSC.

A Secure Element (CC EAL6+) is embedded in the iShield HSM hardware employing chip-on-board technology, making it tamper-proof and ideal for harsh operating environments.

The solution offers MLC NAND with Durabit, CC EAL 6+, and RSA up to 2048-bit, ECC up to 384-bit security.

By Natasha Shek