Piezo transducer driver for ultrasonic cleaning has a wide supply voltage

24-01-2023 | Texas Instruments | Power

The Texas Instruments DRV2901 is a high-performance lens cleaner transducer driver. This system only needs a simple passive LC demodulation filter to provide high-quality, high-efficiency amplification with proven EMI compliance. This device needs two power supplies, at 12V for GVDD and VDD and 12V to 48V for PVDD. The device does not need power-up sequencing due to an internal power-on reset.

The device provides an innovative protection system combined on-chip, safeguarding the device against a broad variety of fault conditions that may damage the system. These safeguards include short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection, and over-temperature protection. It has a new proprietary current-limiting circuit that lessens the chance of device shutdown during high-level transients.