Next phase of engineering community offers enhanced and personalised resources

26-01-2023 | RS Group | Industrial

RS Group plc has launched the next phase of DesignSpark, its growing online community for engineers. It provides a suite of design tools including DesignSpark Mechanical and DesignSpark PCB, as well as comprehensive 2D/3D and electronics part libraries, and a variety of design resources, including technology articles, projects and community forums.

The new phase will provide three subscription levels, respectively called: ‘DesignSpark Explorer’, ‘DesignSpark Creator’ and ‘DesignSpark Engineer’, which will allow members to choose their own level of access depending on their needs for design tools and resources.

Ideal for students, makers, and designers, DesignSpark Explorer will allow members to keep the same community access and tools and design resources that they enjoy today – completely free – allowing them to swiftly make the leap from concept to prototype.

Key tools provided in DesignSpark Explorer include: DesignSpark PCB, the rapid-prototyping tool for circuit design that enables the creation of schematics, transfer to a PCB layout and preparation for production, all backed by pre-built component libraries and tools to ensure error-free PCBs; and DesignSpark Mechanical, a direct modeller that needs no prior experience with 3D CAD software and allows users to freely create and modify geometry. Ideal for prototyping and conveying necessities to the engineering team, DesignSpark Mechanical allows the rapid prototyping or reverse engineering of any physical object.

In addition, it is offering a free trial period to enable all members to try out the ‘Creator’ and ‘Engineer’ subscription options with their more advanced and fully featured versions of the tools, allowing them to assess these further capabilities before selecting an option to suit their needs. The free trial period began on 24 January 2023 and will run until 31 March 2023.

“Today’s launch is the next phase in the lifecycle for our award-winning suite of design tools and design engineering resources”, said Mike Bray, vice-president of Innovation and DesignSpark at RS. “RS is continually aiming to enhance and personalise the design experience for engineers and through engagement with the DesignSpark community and extensive research into the needs of its members, we have recognised that one size does not fit all. Therefore, we are looking to bring the right level of resources suitable for the DesignSpark community from students and hobbyists to super makers to professional design engineers in companies of all sizes and industries. And, importantly, we are offering a solution that puts DesignSpark members in control of what and when they use a higher level of capability.”

By Seb Springall