Latest 5G external antennas provide fixed or portable coverage

20-01-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Passives

Mouser offers engineers 'floor to ceiling' coverage with the latest antennas from TE Connectivity/Laird External Antennas. Whether fixed or portable, these antennas are perfect for environments where wide-angle coverage is demanded for a successful wireless deployment whilst providing desired aesthetics.

The CFSA69594Px 5G ceiling mount DAS antennas are low-PIM, indoor wideband, omnidirectional, ultra-low-profile, ceiling mount antennas with plenum-rated cables. Created for fixed indoor coverage needs, these UL 94V-0 devices provide pattern coverage optimised at 698MHz to 960MHz and 1690MHz to 5925MHz, with 3.2dBi to 5.6dBi peak gain range for 5G, 4G/LTE, and older cellular networks. These DAS antennas provide 50W power at +25C (ambient) and mount simply to ceiling tile or hard ceilings and can be painted with non-metallic paint.

For ultimate flexibility, the RP20 lite 5G 4G/LTE MiMO wireless access antennas offer portable high-performance connectivity for current and emerging 4G and 5G frequencies. The included 2x2 MIMO technology means that the antennas offer enhanced data rates, bandwidth, and reliability on 4G and 5G frequency bands. They are supplied in a stylish, portable housing that is ideal for use globally on cellular networks with any network operator. They also fit most common routers/gateways with SMA connectors on the Twinax cable.