High-efficiency LED devices for automotive exterior lighting

17-01-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Automotive & Transport

Mouser now stocks the OSLON Black Flat X LED devices from ams OSRAM. Developed for forward lighting applications, including headlamps, night vision, and laser devices, the devices deliver high efficiency and excellent thermal conditions. The devices provide a high focus on system cost, making them a tough, cost-effective option for a wide range of lighting solutions.

The OSLON Three-Chip Black Flat X KW3 HNL631.TK LEDs are high-performance light-emitting diodes providing 1350lm at 1000mA. The LEDs’ pad geometry offers excellent thermal performance, enabling developers to decrease heatsink size in their lighting designs. The Three-Chip Black Flat X LEDs provide an extremely high contrast 1:200 design due to black case material and TiO2 casting. The Four-Chip Black Flat X KW4 HPL631.TK LEDs are an excellent replacement for halogen lamps. Offering up to 2115lm at 1000mA, the LEDs support a range of automotive functions, including headlamps and low-beam and high-beam applications. The devices are housed in a compact 7.59mm × 3.75mm × 0.5mm package, making them a practical option for high-density applications.

The LEDs are the most efficient lead-frame devices in the series, providing outstanding performance in automotive exterior applications, including halogen replacement. The high-efficiency LEDs deliver up to 2140lm at 1000mA and boast an operating temperature range of -40C to +135C.


By Seb Springall