Eighth generation 150V MXT MOSFET suited to LEVs

10-01-2023 | MagnaChip | Power

Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation has released its eighth-generation 150V MXT MOSFET optimised for light electric vehicle (LEV) motor controllers and battery management systems (BMSs).

This newly-released MOSFET (MDT15N054PTRH) provides the company's eighth-generation trench MOSFET technology to lower RDS(on)2 by 28%, compared to the past generation. Based on the improved design of the core cell and termination, a high FoM can be delivered, and an increase in the total gate charge can be evaded.

It is offered in a surface mount device TOLL package to decrease product size and enhance heat dissipation. The energy efficiency is also greatly improved by fast switching while allowing high power density. Also, a guaranteed operating junction temperature from -55C up to 175C and a high level of avalanche ruggedness aid the new MOSFET in surpassing the performance demands of LEV motor controllers and BMSs.

"Beginning in 2008, we have released more than 40 MOSFET products for motor controllers and battery management systems, and, since 2017, most of them have been made for LEV applications," said YJ Kim, CEO of Magnachip. "As a provider of high-performance MOSFETs, Magnachip will continue to deliver innovative solutions that meet the sophisticated requirements of the market."


By Seb Springall

Seb Springall is a seasoned editor at Electropages, specialising in the product news sections. With a keen eye for the latest advancements in the tech industry, Seb curates and oversees content that highlights cutting-edge technologies and market trends.