Differential connector systems can be used with various cables

11-01-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Automotive & Transport

TE Connectivity's GEMnet Differential Connector Systems, available now from Mouser, provide bandwidth up to 15GHz and supports data transmission up to 56Gbps.

These connectors support Multigigabit Ethernet and SerDes applications and are compatible with the USCAR interface. The connector systems can be employed with various cables, including shielded twisted pairs, unshielded twisted pairs, and high-performance cables. These connector systems offer automotive manufacturers a high-performance system that supports current and future vehicle needs with automotive-grade robustness.

The GEMnet Multi-Gigabit connector systems provide robust automotive design, high cable retention force, and scoop proof. These systems operate at -40C to 105C temperature range, ≤60VDC working voltage, and ≤2ADC power current. They are ideal for use in driver assistance systems and high-resolution displays.

The systems offer primary and secondary locking with a robust crimp design. They provide anti-stubbing pin protection and are scoop-proof, with optional Connector Position Assurance. They provide up to 25 mating cycles, up to 56Gbps performance, and 100-Ohm impedance.

Typical application areas include camera systems (4K and beyond), driver assistance systems, automated driving functions, high-resolution displays, and rear seat entertainment.


By Seb Springall

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