THT toroidal common mode chokes meet e-mobility market demands

08-12-2022 | Rutronik | Power

Available now from Rutronik, toroidal common mode chokes in THT from knitter-inductive complement the existing product portfolio to satisfy the necessities of the e-mobility market, among others. The main application area is the suppression of EMC disturbances in one- and three-phase applications at nominal voltages of 230V and 400VAC. Because these interferences can occur in different frequency ranges, the company provides individualised solutions as well as the standard versions. Exact selection is critical for the dependable performance of the components.

Customisation starts with the suitable selection of the required core material such as manganese-zinc, which is ideal for low frequency applications, nickel-zinc is recommended for higher frequencies, and a nano-crystalline core can cover both ranges.

The latter is also compelling due to its particularly smaller size with the same current rating and its compatibility of extremely high ambient temperatures.

For realising even more customisation, toroidal common-mode chokes permit horizontal as well as vertical mounting plate attachment of the core. Higher dielectric strength is delivered by adding a separator. Another plus is the possible option of the PCB layout according to customer needs.

By Natasha Shek