New series of RF switches provide wide frequency coverage

28-12-2022 | Fairview Microwave | Industrial

Fairview Microwave has expanded its line of high-power switches engineered to ensure high reliability for test-and-measurement and transmit-and-receive applications.

Its new high-power switches provide power handling up to 200W and N-Type female and SMA connector options. The portfolio of RF switches comprises multiple models with hot switching capability for seamlessly passing back and forth between components with no disruption to a connected device’s performance.

These high-power switches deliver extremely high switching-speed ratings of 40,000ns and provide wide frequency coverage from 30MHz to 6GHz. Extra features include compact, rugged, defence-grade coaxial packages together with an operational temperature range of -40F to +185F, making these switches reliable in extreme weather.

“Our expanding offering of high-power RF switches ensures our customers minimise the risk of costly downtime and repairs to their systems. They are perfectly suited for transmit-and-receive chains and test-and-measurement applications,” said Tim Galla, senior product manager.

By Seb Springall