Highly reliable Z-axis compression connectors offer quick installation

15-12-2022 | Powell Electronics | Industrial

Unique, Z-axis compression CIN::APSE interconnects from Cinch delivering superior mechanical and electrical performance under the most severe mechanical shock, and vibration conditions can now be obtained from Powell Electronics. The high-density custom connectors are the industry's most widely used crimpless and solderless, high-speed interconnects and provide a quick installation.

These custom interconnects have been developed for board-to-board, IC-to-board, flex-to-board and component-to-board connections for high-speed digital, flex circuit and PCB applications. A broad variety of profiles from 0.020" up to 1.0" and 0.5mm up to 1mm diameter contacts with a standard pitch of 1mm or greater is offered. The number of contacts is unlimited, and the largest connector implemented to date contained 7,396 I/Os.

The patent-protected design utilises liquid crystal polymer insulators and bundled gold-plated molybdenum wire contacts, enabling 50+Gbps. Solderless termination is delivered through compression, and the unique contact design ensures multiple points of contact per I/O. Gold-plated copper spacers are utilised for long Z-axis connectors.

By Seb Springall