Highest-rated 0508 power shunt resistors aid greater miniaturisation

15-12-2022 | ROHM Semiconductor | Passives

ROHM has recently created wide terminal shunt resistors, LTR10L. They are optimised for various automotive, industrial, and consumer applications whilst bolstering the expansive lineup with two updated general-purpose MCR series shunt resistors (MCR10L and MCR18L).

High-efficiency operation is needed from the viewpoint of energy conservation – not just in battery-driven applications such as mobile devices and EVs, but consumer and industrial equipment and by electrical outlets. For high efficiency, it is essential to accurately detect parameters, including current and voltage, to operate devices optimally. This needs shunt resistors that incorporate high accuracy with high-reliability current detection. At the same time, manufacturers of applications using higher board densities are demanding even smaller shunt resistors. To satisfy these demands, the new series provides the industry's highest-rated power and best-in-class TCR in a compact 0508-size (0.5" × 0.8")/1220-size (1.25mm × 2mm) that contributes to high reliability and greater miniaturisation.

Improving the resistive element material and applying terminal temperature derating method permitted the resistors to deliver an industry-leading 1W rated power in the 0508-size – 88% smaller than current products. Also, high-accuracy ±0.5% resistance tolerance has been attained, together with best-in-class TCR and anti-sulfuration characteristics. These features make them excellent for applications exposed to harsh conditions, including telecommunication base stations needing high durability and automotive LED headlamps that require high-accuracy current sensing and long-term reliability. On the other hand, the MCR10L and MCR18L series of general-purpose shunt resistors employ an improved element structure and materials to improve rated power to 0.5W and 0.75W, respectively, over their conventional MCR series rated power (0.25W). Higher-rated power allows the same performance in a smaller size, contributing to product miniaturisation.

The new products are excellent for a broad spectrum of circuits needing current detection for motors, batteries, and LCDs in the automotive, industrial equipment, and consumer device sectors.