Easy-to-use IIoT gateways simplify remote data transfer

16-12-2022 | Moxa | Industrial

Moxa's newly released AIG-100 Series incorporates best-in-class IIoT gateways that help fulfil a user's IIoT targets with the lowest total cost of ownership by concentrating on distributed energy-resource applications, particularly in solar energy and energy storage systems.

An unavoidable challenge in IIoT systems is most edge devices are in remote, hard-to-access, and unmanned locations. Business owners must find ways to qualify and process data gathered from remote sites to transmit to cloud applications so that the information can be utilised to manage assets and take exact and strategic business decisions. To close the gap and speed up the convergence of OT with IT, the gateways, with options such as built-in traffic monitoring and diagnosis, can help monitor and troubleshoot communication issues for IT (Azure, AWS, MQTT) and OT (Modbus) protocols. The gateways are supplied with a provisioning tool and device management service for business owners to readily install and manage the gateways remotely, which greatly reduces downtime and increases operational efficiency.

To collect data for IIoT applications, it is essential to have an easy-to-use and efficient solution. The gateway is seamlessly integrated with Moxa UPort and ioLogik devices to realise plug-and-play-like installation for I/O and serial expansion, eradicating complex driver installation and setup processes. Also, it delivers no-code data processing to allow users to easily process OT data employing an intuitive UI without needing further programming efforts.