Wide selection of advanced components engineered to speed innovation

10-11-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Mouser, an authorised global distributor of solutions from KYOCERA AVX, supplies its advanced electronic components engineered to speed up technological innovation and build a better future. With almost 20,000 of its products in stock – including products from their group companies and KYOCERA SLD Laser – it provides a wide portfolio of the company’s newest solutions to help buyers and engineers bring their products to market.

Among the expansive selection of advanced capacitors, ultra-high-performance antennas, and lighting solutions, the following are a few of the latest and most popular KYOCERA AVX products available from the company:

Kyocera SLD Laser LaserLight SMDs are high-luminance, white laser light emitters in a compact 7mm footprint. The LaserLight SMDs allow ultra-long beam distances, narrow beam angles, and small optic sizes.

The evaluation board for antenna band-switching performance measures just 45.5mm × 60mm, which permits engineers to test antenna performance on a board the typical size of IoT devices, decreasing the number of iterations and improving the accuracy. The EVB uses a KYOCERA AVX 1004795 standard FR4 embedded LTE antenna with the KYOCERA AVX EC646 chipset for band switching or aperture tuning.

Its AHA and AHC series SMD aluminium hybrid capacitors are available in capacitances ranging from 22µF to 100µF with ±20% tolerance and up to +125C temperature tolerance. The capacitors are perfect for industrial equipment and commercial power supply applications that require high capacitance in energy-dense packages with low ESR.