Ultra-low jitter attenuators deliver outstanding performance

23-11-2022 | Skyworks | Passives

Skyworks has launched its latest jitter attenuators portfolio, including the Si5361/2/3 family for high-speed networking, communications and data centre equipment driving today's internet infrastructure. This portfolio complements its current high-performance Si539x line of jitter attenuators producing higher levels of jitter performance with the highest number of clock outputs.

Increasing demands for data bandwidth and speed in internet infrastructure and data centre systems are driving the requirement for 400G/600G/800G+ Ethernet links utilising high speed 56G/112G/224G PAM-4 SerDes and coherent optical technologies. These high-speed systems need multiple clocks at different frequencies, signalling formats and voltage levels with ultra-low jitter.

To address this need, the company's new jitter attenuators provide increased jitter performance with the highest number of clock outputs, complementing the company's current Si539x line of jitter attenuators. These new products offer frequency flexibility and clock tree on-a-chip integration in a compact clock IC solution with up to 18 clock outputs providing <55fs RMS jitter.

The Jitter Attenuators combine fifth-generation DSPLL and MultiSynth technologies with a high-performance VCO to deliver ultra-low jitter for high performance. They are employed in applications that require the highest level of integration and jitter performance. All PLL components are integrated on-chip, eradicating the risk of noise coupling associated with discrete solutions. The Si5361 has a single DSPLL with two MultiSynths, the Si5362 has two DSPLLs with one MultiSynth, and the Si5363 has three DSPLLs. The Si5361H high-frequency variant can output frequencies up to 2.75GHz targeting the optical module and line card markets.


By Seb Springall