Next-generation GDT offers state-of-the-art performance

16-11-2022 | Bourns | Power

Bourns, Inc has expanded its next-generation GDT line with a three-electrode surface-mount product family. With the introduction of its Model GDT35 Series, it continues to set the standard for breakthrough overvoltage surge arrestor performance by notably heightening the level of protection against voltage transients produced by lightning or accidental contact with AC power lines, providing a more robust and faster responding component.

These state-of-the-art three-electrode GDTs are created using the company's proprietary, advanced computer simulation techniques, which led to a lower impulse sparkover component design that reduces stress on downstream components. This capability enables designers to choose smaller and lower voltage-rated downstream components and helps to lower their overall BOM costs. Also, the new family provides superior current handling capability in a compact form factor with a unique coplanarity fit allowing the GDT component to toggle in either direction until a three-point contact is established. Also, the series is a drop-in replacement option for Bourns' standard Model 2036-SM GDT Series.

The low capacitance and low insertion loss make the new series an excellent solution for protecting industrial equipment and high-speed ICT systems. Moreover, the new series provides an extended temperature range of -55C to +125C, making these protectors an optimal choice for applications that must function in stressful environmental conditions.

The company also offers a GDT35 Design Kit. The kit comprises five pieces of each GDT35 Series voltage to supply design engineers with protection solutions for quick-turn prototype testing.

By Seb Springall