New wireless module benefit from more efficient and compact design

22-11-2022 | NeoCortec | Semiconductors

NeoCortec released its new P Series of wireless NeoMesh modules at Electronica. Offering an RF/IO antenna connection placed under the module on solder pads for quick and easy soldering to any PCB, the P Series modules provide for a more efficient antenna design and more compact design of the sensor or actuator and satisfy the demands from customers who wish to integrate the company's modules into their own PCB with the antenna also already integrated.

The new modules NC1000P-8, NC1000P-9 and NC2400P operate at 868MHz, 915MHz and 2.4GHz respectively and complement the already available C-Series modules that are supplied with a u.FL connector and are employed whenever an external connector is required. Extremely cost efficient and simple to integrate, all the modules suit a wide range of applications based on IoT and Cloud-based sensor networks, including smart home and smart workplace, agriculture, transportation, metering, security, industry 4.0, medical and food distribution.

The module is a protocol allowing node to node mesh communication of sensors, with no need for mains powered devices. All devices can be battery powered, also the gateway, if required. To start building the network, simply switch on two nodes and you are rolling. Extra nodes switched on will automatically join the existing network and will start expanding it on number of devices and in range. The communication modules are modules supplied with radio and NeoMesh and can simply be integrated in a sensor or motor.


By Seb Springall