New series of waveguide packaged and voltage variable attenuators

04-11-2022 | Pasternack | Power

Pasternack has released six new models of waveguide packaged, voltage variable attenuators covering popular mm-wave frequency bands ranging from 26.5GHz to 110GHz.

Its new waveguide packaged voltage variable attenuators use GaAs MMIC semiconductor technology and provide 0dB to 30dB attenuation tuning adjustment with a voltage range of 0VDC to 5VDC. Designers will find these broadband, voltage variable attenuators useful in receive chains to tune mm-wave signal levels to optimise system-level performance.

The attenuators are offered in rugged, compact, defence-grade, gold-plated aluminium package designs that function across −10C to +60C. They support various waveguide sizes and can withstand exposure up to 95% relative humidity and altitudes of up to 10,000 feet.

This portfolio of broadband, waveguide and voltage variable attenuators features a fast-switching speed of 25nsec typical, insertion loss ranges from 4dB to 6dB, and high-input power handling up to +23dBm.

"Our new line of high-reliability, waveguide packaged, voltage variable attenuators is ideal for downlink or receive channels, where adjusting/tuning signal levels to optimise system-level performance is necessary. These continuously variable waveguide attenuators are in-stock and available to ship the same day ordered," said Tim Galla, product manager.


By Seb Springall

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