MOSFETs feature innovative top-cool packaging to assist designers

18-11-2022 | onsemi | Power

onsemi has released a series of new MOSFET devices that offer innovative top-side cooling to help designers in challenging automotive applications, particularly in motor control and DC-DC conversion.

Housed in a TCPAK57 package measuring only 5mm x 7mm, the new devices provide a 16.5mm2 thermal pad on the top side. This enables heat to be dissipated straight into a heatsink rather than through a typical PCB. By allowing the use of both sides of the PCB and reducing the amount of heat going into it, the package supplies increased power density. Better reliability of the new design adds to an overall longer system lifetime.

“Cooling is one of the greatest challenges in high power design and successfully addressing it is the key enabler to reducing size and weight, which is critical in modern automotive design,” said Fabio Necco, vice president and general manager Automotive Power Solutions at onsemi. “With excellent electrical efficiency and having eliminated the PCB from the thermal path, the design is significantly simplified while reducing size and cost.”

The devices provide the electrical efficiency required in high-power applications with RDS(ON) values as low as 1mOhm. Further, the gate charge (Qg) is low (65nC), lowering losses in high-speed switching applications.

This solution employs the company’s deep packaging expertise to offer the industry's highest power density solution. The initial portfolio includes 40V, 60V and 80V. All devices can operate at junction temperatures (Tj) of 175C and are AEC-Q101 qualified and PPAP capable. This, together with their gull wings that enable inspection of solder joints and superior board-level reliability, makes them ideal for demanding automotive applications. The target applications are high/medium power motor controls, including electric power steering and oil pumps.