Half-bridge motor drivers for automotive and industrial applications

17-11-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Monolithic Power Systems MP6527 Half-Bridge Motor Drivers, available now from Mouser, are ten-channel, half-bridge DMOS output drivers with integrated power MOSFETs. These motor drivers attain up to 0.8A of output current (IOUT) across a wide 5.5V to 40V input voltage (VIN) range. The standard serial data interface controls the ten half-bridges separately, and each half-bridge is provided with various diagnostic functions.

These drivers offer low quiescent current in standby mode. Full protection features include Short-Circuit Protection, Over-Temperature Protection, Under-Voltage Lockout protection, Over-Voltage Lockout protection, and thermal shutdown with pre-warning.

These motor drivers are available in a TSSOP-28EP package and only require a minimum number of readily available standard external components.

These devices are suited to automotive and industrial applications and DC motors.

By Seb Springall