Digital two-axis inclinometers offer stability and accuracy in severe environments

23-11-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Murata SCL3400-D01 Digital Two-Axis Inclinometers, available now from Mouser, are intended for applications that need stability and accuracy in tough environments.

These high-performance inclinometer sensors provide angle output based on the company's capacitive 3D-MEMS technology. Signal processing is performed in a mixed signal ASIC with a flexible SPI digital interface. The sensor element and ASIC are packaged into a 12-pin, pre-moulded plastic housing for dependable operation over the product's lifetime. This Digital two-Axis Inclinometers are ideal for SMD mounting and are compatible with RoHS and ELV directives. The series functions in a -40C to +85C temperature range and provides two user-selectable measurement modes: ±30-degree with 10Hz LPF and ±90-degree with 40Hz LPF.

Typical applications include levelling, tilt sensing, inertial measurement units, structural health monitoring, and positioning and guidance systems.

By Seb Springall