Clip-together DIN rail support system for PCBs

18-11-2022 | Hylec-APL | Power

Hylec-APL has released a push-together range of PCB housing modules called DIME. The range of modules is an open front system that supplies DIN rail support for PCBs between 20mm and 177.5mm, with longer lengths possible by adding further base mounting elements. The system is ideal for all DIN rails and is especially useful for panel builders who must fit PCBs inside metal cabinets.

These modules suit 72mm width PCBs and are simple to assemble due to their ingenious push-fit mechanism. There are several modules in the range: BE base sections, which are offered in three widths: 11.35mm, 22.5mm and 45mm; SEF end sections with feet (DIN Clips), provided in two widths: 11.25mm and 22.5mm; SE end sections without feet, also supplied in two widths: 11.25mm and 22.5mm; FS foot elements, to be clipped to SE and BE Sections. The SEF end sections with feet cut assembly time and lower the number of stock lines that need to be carried. These sections only serve a top hat style DIN rail, but the FS foot elements fit G and top hat rails.

The number of parts needed to mount a PCB onto the DIN rail depends on the length of the PCB, and there is a helpful table on the company's website detailing this. Its push-fit extrusion provides a convenient solution in interlocking modules to produce custom sizes instead of buying long lengths of extrusion and cutting to length, saving the difficulties in shipping and extra cutting process in one product.

The modules are a robust and patented design manufactured from flame-retardant polyamide 6.6 UL94-V0.

By Seb Springall