Advanced IIoT gateways for remote management at unmanned sites

18-11-2022 | Moxa | Industrial

Moxa’s newly launched AIG-300 Series IIoT gateways are provided with Azure IoT Edge integration that adds significant value in the form of unique options that help create a cost- and time-efficient IIoT system.

IIoT gateways must be highly secure and reliable to aid seamless edge-to-cloud data acquisition and device management. The gateway, seamlessly integrated with Azure IoT Edge and powered by ThingsPro, is a market-leading solution for quick, reliable, and easy data acquisition and device management. Data collected from devices may be transferred to Azure IoT Edge and then to the Azure IoT Hub with a few simple configuration steps. Conversely, devices can be effectively managed through the route of Azure IoT Hub to the Azure IoT Edge on the gateways. This seamless one-stop edge-to-cloud platform can help customers reduce system development time and cost.

Most IIoT applications are employed in unmanned, remote, and harsh environments, including a smart grid, energy storage systems, oil and gas refineries, solar fields, and rail-wayside applications. Maintaining normal operations and monitoring statuses effectively is critical to these systems. The series gateways, with their wide-temperature design and low power consumption, are ideal for usage in these environments.

With capabilities such as resume file transmission, OTA upgrades, and Secure Boot, the gateways in remote sites can be upgraded and maintained to ensure their continuous availability and effectively protect against cyberattacks. To avoid disconnections when devices crash and sudden shutdown, the series comes with built-in recovery functions to allow rollback to the previous stable version of the firmware for uninterrupted network connectivity at remote sites. When a software upgrade fails, the gateways automatically revert to the software version in the backup, providing system stability. A ThingsPro tool eases the provisioning process by allowing bulk provisioning of IIoT gateways and executing remote software upgrades.

By Seb Springall