USB Type-C PD controller provides highly integrated and intelligent solution

24-10-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Diodes Incorporated AP43671 USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD) Controller, available now from Mouser, is a highly integrated and intelligent with an embedded Synchronous Rectification controller. This USB controller supports PPS and Qualcomm QC4/QC4+ protocols. The controller can accommodate popular quick charging protocols for firmware stored in OTP memory by using its embedded MCU and supporting circuitry. This USB controller allows optimal system BOM and performance implementation of quick chargers. The controller provides MCU-based implementation for protocol decoding, application firmware, parameter fine-tuning, and calibration. This USB controller operates at -40C to 150C operating temperature range, 3V to 21V supply voltage range, and 3.3mA operating supply current. The controller is ideal for wall and travel chargers for AC/DC adaptors (Type-C equipped notebook PCs).

The IC adopts a relatively small current-sensing resistor (5mOhm) that is employed to deliver accurate current measurements with no sacrifice to power consumption. This USB interface IC embeds a multiple-mode adaptive SR controller where its key performance and safety parameters can be fine-tuned by a built-in MCU. The IC offers robust protection schemes, which comprise a CC1/CC2 short protection against VBUS (up to 24V) and built-in OVP/OCP/SCP/OTP features to deliver necessary safety protection.

The device is RoHS compliant, and is lead-free, halogen-free, and antimony-free.