PCIe cable connection system for open compute project servers

18-10-2022 | Molex | Industrial

Molex has released its NearStack PCIe Connector System and Cable Assemblies for next-gen servers. Developed together with members of the OCP, NearStack PCIe replaces traditional paddle-card cable solutions to optimise signal integrity and enhance system performance.

A standout feature of the system is its direct-to-contact twinax termination, which eradicates the necessity for paddle cards within the cable assembly. Unlike competing cable jumpers, which are terminated by hand-soldering cables onto a PCB paddle card, it uses a fully automated wire termination process. This high-precision process ehances manufacturing efficiencies, repeatability, and signal integrity.

"Thanks to its superior construction, NearStack PCIe is ideal for next-generation PCIe Gen-5 and Gen-6 system implementation," said Bill Wilson, new product development manager, Molex Enterprise Solutions. "The product is capable of 32Gbps NRZ data rates, enabling server OEMs to achieve unprecedented performance."

The company has optimised the cable assemblies for efficient use of space and safe and easy attachment. Smart, rugged mechanical features and the optional 'angle-exit' cable design let technicians easily plug the jumpers into crowded boards. As well as alleviating space constraints, NearStack PCIe provides a low-mated profile for improved airflow management and minimises interference with neighbouring components.

The system further simplifies integration via support for hybrid cables, with a NearStack PCIe connector on one end and a legacy connector on the other. These connectors offer a streamlined upgrade path for existing equipment, enabling customers to immediately take advantage of the new technology without redesigning or replacing current hardware.

Open Compute Project Global Summit 2022, Booth #B1, October 18-20.


By Seb Springall

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