New MEMS microphones ideal for active noise cancelling applications

28-10-2022 | CUI Devices | Test & Measurement

CUI Devices’ Audio Group has added two MEMS microphone models developed for active noise cancellation. The CMM-2718AB-3815NC-TR and CMM-2718AT-3817NC-TR are analog MEMS microphones offering omnidirectional directivity and bottom or top port locations, respectively. With their flat frequency response from 20Hz to 10,000Hz, high SNR of 62dBA or 64dBA, and high AOP of 123dB or 128dB SPL, these MEMS microphones are excellent for usage in active noise-cancelling microphone arrays.

Housed in compact, low-profile packages measuring only 2.75mm x 1.85mm x 0.9mm, the models offer sensitivity ratings of -38dB with tight sensitivity tolerances of ±1dB. As reflow solder-compatible components, these MEMS microphones provide designers extra flexibility where surface mount assembly is needed. The devices also carry current consumption as low as 150µA, and operating temperature ranges from -30C to 85C.

For helpful resources and tools on microphones, the company offers a resource library that houses various blog posts, videos, and more.