High-definition offered with HD-BNC connectors

26-10-2022 | Suntsu Electronics | Industrial

Suntsu’s micro-BNC connectors are designed for the HD and UHD broadcast, telecom, and HD CCTV markets where applications need high performance in a high-density package. HD BNC connectors deliver 75-Ohm, enhancing electrical and mechanical performance.

These connectors not only have 4x the density, but the form factor is 50% smaller than standard BNC connectors. Their nickel-plated brass body is created to terminate to a multitude of PCBs and brings reliable performance up to 12GHz. These HD-BNC connectors are right-angle PCB mount types and can be employed in full HD 1080P, HD-SDI, and Ultra HD 4K (12G) applications.

Typical application areas include digital A/V or routing systems, mobile broadcast, studio integration, and broadcast cameras.

By Seb Springall