Ultra-low dropout voltage regulator is ideal for space-constrained applications

13-09-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Texas Instruments TPS7A13 300mA Ultra-Low Dropout Voltage Regulator, available now from Mouser, is a small, LDO with an exceptional transient response. This device can source 300mA with excellent AC performance (load and line transient responses). The input voltage range is from 0.7V to 2.2V, and the output range is from 0.5V to 2.05V with a very high accuracy of 1% overload, line, and temperature.

The primary power path is via the IN pin and can be connected to a power supply as low as 50mV above the output voltage. All electrical characteristics (including excellent output voltage tolerance, transient response, and PSRR) are specified for input voltages 100mV greater than the output voltage, delivering high practical efficiency. This regulator supports extremely low input voltages with the usage of a higher, externally supplied VBIAS rail that is employed to power the internal circuitry of the LDO. For example, the supply voltage to the IN pin may be the output of a high-efficiency DC-DC step-down regulator, and the BIAS pin supply voltage may be a rechargeable battery.

The device is equipped with an active pulldown circuit to discharge the output quickly when disabled and provides a known start-up state. It is available in an ultra-small 0.71mm x 1mm, six-bump DSBGA package, making the device ideal for space-constrained applications.

Typical areas of application include camera modules, wireless headphones and earbuds, smartwatches and fitness trackers, smartphones and tablets, portable medical devices, and SSDs.