Synchronisation solutions for 5G NR network synchronisers and wireless clocks

05-09-2022 | Skyworks | Semiconductors

Skyworks has released its portfolio of network synchronisation solutions for 5G networks. Enabling mobile operators deploying 5G fronthaul equipment to provide next-generation mobile connectivity for customers, its latest network synchronisation portfolio offers the timing precision, accuracy and reliability required for high-speed 5G network performance.

This flagship product family comprises the Si551x and Si540x families of NetSync clock IC devices, which work with its AccuTime IEEE 1588 software. Each product family is tailored to fit the needs of various equipment in 5G fronthaul networks – permitting mobile operators and equipment vendors to select the solution that best suits their unique 5G network synchronisation needs.

Together, these provide a complete synchronisation solution for the varying network needs of 5G service providers. These products offer compliance with all relevant telecom standards, including ITU-T G.826x/G.827x, IEEE 1588-2008/2019 and O-RAN WG4, ensuring a robust and reliable synchronisation solution for any 5G network.

These network synchroniser clocks lead the industry in jitter and phase noise performance while providing low power consumption and are ideal for 5G wireless communication systems. The families use fifth-generation DSPLL and MultiSynth technologies. It integrates the functions of a low phase noise 5G/eCPRI wireless jitter attenuator supporting JESD204B/C with a SyncE/IEEE 1588 PTP network synchroniser clock into a single IC device.


By Seb Springall

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