New software release provides efficient creation of IoT-enabled PCB designs

30-09-2022 | eCADSTAR | Industrial

With Release 2022 of eCADSTAR, Zuken advances the concept of a user-friendly, internet-connected PCB design system for the SME segment. Using its internet-connected platform and unified user interface for all applications (schematic, constraint, library and layout editors), the development team's focus for the new release was the delivery of advanced functionality as a reaction to requests from the increasing user base. The focus for the latest release was the advanced capabilities for organisation and reuse of designs, fine-tuning of high-speed circuitry, and layout and modification of densely populated PCB layouts via semi-automatic functionality.

"With an emphasis on organisation and reuse of full and partial designs, advanced fine-tuning of high-speed circuitry, and automation-assisted layout and modification of densely populated PCB layouts, eCADSTAR release 2022 continues to be a strong contender for demanding users in the growing market of IoT enabled boards," says Jeroen Leinders, eCADSTAR business manager Europe.

The organisation of large circuit diagrams in the schematic application has been simplified further by the added support for multi-instanced hierarchy, making it feasible to group circuit parts (e.g., multi-channels, such as amplifiers) that are employed several times in a design into hierarchical blocks. These blocks can be replicated in any number of instances, and all instances are updated automatically whenever changes are made to a block definition.


By Seb Springall