New high-power converter-in-package launched

09-09-2022 | PPM | Power

PPM Power offers the TTPi UltraMod family of GaN-based, multipurpose, bi-directional, isolated, DC-DC converters, designed to work either standalone or together in a multi-modular system.

At approximately 200g and just 100mm x 80mm x 26mm, the UltraMod4000 has a 4kW power throughput which places it in a unique power density category and is ideal for the new demands of high-performance automotive and other vertical markets and applications.

The series is ideal for applications where weight, size and efficiency are essential and for power density, e.g., EVs, aerospace (such as aircraft cabins), rail, industrial drives and renewable applications. Further, the modular nature of these products can dramatically decrease design time and design-related overheads.

Phil Surman, sales director at PPM Power, said: “We’re delighted to be showcasing this ground-breaking product, which has roots in the UK’s world-leading power electronics academic community. The UltraMod series of power converters shows what wide-bandgap semiconductor technology is capable of delivering. We look forward to engaging with the community at LCV and bringing these solutions to the market.”

Dan Somers, commercial director for TTPi, said: “The UltraMod4000 is part of our flagship range of ultra-compact power converters. We’re excited to be launching such a high-power device to the market, and we’re delighted with the market response to date.”

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