Hybrid semiconductor circuit protection devices replace surface mount MOVs

23-09-2022 | Protek | Passives

ProTek Devices has released a hybrid semiconductor technology that is the company's first-ever for circuit protection in common industrial and household applications such as power adapters, industrial automation controls, home appliances, smart meters and other critical applications. The new patent-pending technology makes the new devices excellent as replacements for high-end surface mount MOV.

Its newest hybrid TVS component delivers several unique advantages. They provide a more robust product in a small form factor that does not use a wear-out mechanism present in GDTs and MOVs. Therefore, operational lifetime and reliability are significantly extended. The new components, the PHYTVSxxxV3 and PHYTVSxxxV4 series supply a reliable overvoltage solution where a lower clamping voltage is needed. Each series is created from three component offerings.

These series are compatible with IEC standard 61000-4-5 (surge). However, the PHYTVSxxxV3 is L-L class 2, for 500V 1.2/50 microseconds – Req = 2-Ohm, or 250A 8/20 microseconds, and the PHYTVSxxxV4 is class 3, 1kV 1.2/50 microseconds - Req = 2-Ohm, or 500A 8/20 microseconds. Both also offer bidirectional operation for 50/60/400Hz AC lines. Also, the series is available for SMT reflow soldering, has an operating temperature of-55C to +125C, and is RoHS and REACH compliant.

The PHYTVSxxxV3 and V4 series also fulfil and exceed IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD): level 4 Air +/-15kV, contact +/-8kV, and IEC 61000-4-4 (EFT): 40A.

The series are provided in a DFN-2-KW package. The PHYTVSxxxV3 has an approximate weight of just 2.5g, and the PHYTVSxxxV3 is only 0.75g. The PHYTVSxxxV3 has a form factor compatible with SMT 3225. Other mechanical characteristics include lead-free tin matte plating for the PHYTVSxxxV3 and lead-free silver plating for the PHYTVSxxxV4. They have a solder reflow temperature of (260-270C, 10 seconds. Finally, these series have a flammability rating of UL 94V-0.


By Seb Springall

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