DC-DC converter series meet strict automotive industry requirements

27-09-2022 | Rutronik | Power

The RECOM RPX DC-DC converters in QFN housings, available now from Rutronik, are now offered as '-Q' variants which fulfil the strict conditions of the automotive industry according to AEC-Q100 Grade 1. Optionally, they may also be equipped with 'wettable flanks' for AOI. The remarkably small, lead-free, and thermally optimised 3mm x 5mm x 1.6mm housing operates with derating to well above 100C ambient temperature for the RPX-0.5Q (0.5A) and the RPX-1.5Q variant (1.5A).

In the RPX series, the required inductance is already integrated. An external input and output capacitors adapted to the respective application are needed for full functionality. On/off control and synchronisation inputs are provided with a power-good output. The input voltage range of the converters is up to 36V. Output may be trimmed from 0.8V to 30V.

The over-moulded FCOL construction ensures the enclosure's lowest thermal resistance. This also makes it feasible to keep manufacturing and end-product prices low.

The DC-DC converters are equipped with a soft-start function, and full short-circuit, overcurrent, over-temperature, and input under-voltage protection. EMI is kept low thanks to the FCOL design. A fixed frequency operation enables easy implementation of the needed additional filtering.

By Seb Springall