SMD shunt resistors now available down to 0.1 milliohm

19-08-2022 | Stackpole | Passives

Stackpole Electronic’s HCS high current SMD shunt resistors are now offered in a 0.1 milliohm resistance value in a 10W, 5930 chip size. It has an all-metal welded construction with a raised resistance element. This offers more efficient thermal conduction, enabling the device to handle higher currents with lower self-heating than equivalent flat chips, which is essential in maintaining battery temperatures.

Modern electric power systems continue to push the power envelope. Power electronics for EVs often employ a high-power low resistance shunt resistor which can be expensive and difficult to find.

This device is a favoured option for high-power lighting controls, power supply management, robotics, electric motor controls, electric power tools, and automotive and industrial equipment controls.