New smart gate driver PV saves space and system cost

19-08-2022 | Toshiba | Power

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has released a ±2.5A output smart gate driver photocoupler able to control IGBTs and MOSFETs, reliably shielding power devices from over-current. The device is ideal for various applications, including inverters, AC servo drives, PV inverters and UPS.

The TLP5212 offers a new totem pole output with two N-channel MOSFETs to provide compatibility with specifications often used in applications such as industrial equipment. Also, the new photocoupler includes protection functions such as active Miller clamp, desaturation detection, UVLO and FAULT output, eradicating the necessity for several external circuits. This decreases system fault detection and protection costs and saves space and design effort. Moreover, incorporating its reliable and powerful infrared LED can be operated in severe thermal environments.

The device can sink or source up to ±2.5A via its totem pole output. With its propagation delay of only 250ns (max.) and propagation delay skew of ±150ns, the device is ideal for high-speed applications. The operating temperature range (Ta) is -40C to +110C, ensuring suitability for industrial and renewable energy use.

Contained in a small SO16L package, the new photocoupler measures only 10.3mm x 10mm x 2.3mm, permitting it to be used where space is tight. Even with this compact package, it provides a minimum creepage distance of 8mm, enabling it to be employed for applications demanding high levels of safety isolation and insulation (BVs = 5000Vrms).