MCUs offer superior noise tolerance for home appliances and industrial applications

03-08-2022 | Renesas | Semiconductors

Renesas Electronics Corporation has added a new addition to the RX 32-bit MCU family, the RX660 group of MCUs that supports operating voltages of up to 5V, providing superior noise tolerance for home appliances and industrial equipment exposed to high EMI. The device is the first in the company’s higher-end RX general-purpose MCU devices to support 5V and the first in the RX Family to provide a built-in CAN FD controller that allows fast data communication. The high operating voltages of the new MCUs removes the requirement for external noise-suppression components that are needed for many 3V MCUs today. This enables customer to lower development time and component cost, enhancing system quality.

The company developed the device utilising its RXv3 core (6.00 CoreMark/MHz) with a maximum operating frequency of 120MHz, providing high performance and excellent power efficiency. The devices offer large-capacity ROM of up to 1MB and RAM of up to 128KB and are provided in many package options (48-pin to 144-pin). Also, the effective pin count for general-purpose I/O pins is 10% higher than on the earlier RX210, which is also 5V compatible. For example, the 144-pin version has an effective pin count of 134, 11 more than on the RX210. With this increase in I/O count, more sensors can be connected to an MCU for a given package, making it easier to upgrade existing systems.

“Noise suppression is essential for home appliances and industrial products since ambient electromagnetic waves in the surrounding environment can cause system malfunctions or reduce performance,” said Sakae Ito, vice president of the IoT Platform Business Division at Renesas. “We introduced the new RX660 MCUs in response to strong demand from customers who need to design products with high power supply voltages. We are happy to assist our customers to make their product design process simpler.”

“At Daikin, we have been using Renesas’ RX MCUs in our main air conditioner products for over 10 years, and we welcome the new RX660 MCUs with superior noise tolerance,” said Eisuke Yamada, group leader of procurement strategy department, Global Procurement Division at Daikin Industries, Ltd. “The RX MCUs offer excellent CPU performance, flash memory that boosts real-time operation and scalable development with pin-compatible devices. These advantages are everything we consider essential in MCU products.”

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